UPDATE 3/11: AMD says it has “isolated the root cause [of the problem] and developed a solution that addresses a range of reported symptoms.” Look for a patch to roll out via motherboard vendors next month.

Original Story:
If you’re an AMD customer with a B550 or X570 motherboard with USB ports that randomly disconnect, the company has offered some official guidance on the matter, though it still hasn’t found the root cause.

On Friday, a Reddit user posted an email from AMD’s customer support with advice for affected customers dealing with USB stuttering issues. AMD later told us the email is indeed legit.

Unfortunately, the troubleshooting from AMD probably won’t help many owners. That’s because the tips are nothing new and come from existing user feedback. The company is basically telling users to update their PC’s software, and—if necessary—to turn off certain functions, which is no different from the other suggestions customers have been posting in forums for months now.

Specifically, AMD’s official guidance tells affected customers to make sure their motherboard is running the latest BIOS version and using the “optimized/factory default settings.” The PC should also be updated with the newest version of Windows 10, and use the latest Ryzen chipset driver.

If the USB problems persist, AMD then recommends the motherboard’s PCIe settings be toggled down from PCIe 4.0 to the slower 3.0 interface. The company also suggests turning off the motherboard’s global C-State function, which is used for power-saving purposes.

The Reddit user who posted the official guidance, “MoIStWeL,” contacted AMD’s customer support after encountering the USB disconnect problems on a Gigabyte B550I Aorus motherboard, which was installed on a recently purchased Ryzen 5600X processor.

“My Logitech Keyboard and Mouse were connecting and disconnecting constantly while playing Borderlands 2,” MoIStWeL later wrote on Reddit. “I tried a bunch of fixes and updated the BIOS and drivers, but nothing worked.”

MoIStWeL then contacted AMD, asking for a refund of the Ryzen 5600X processor. In response, AMD provided its official troubleshooting tips on the matter. “Currently we don’t have any fix to offer, however if you want the item to be replaced it will not make much difference because replacement processor or replacement motherboard may exhibit the same issue,” AMD added.  “As far as refund is concerned you will have to contact place of purchase only.”

AMD has described the USB stuttering issues as only affecting a small number of users. Nevertheless, the company’s Reddit post on the matter has received almost 2,000 comments, many of them from affected users still struggling to find a fix.

To find the root cause of the USB disconnect errors, AMD has been reaching out to affected users for their hardware configurations in the hopes it can reproduce the problem and devise a permanent solution.

In the meantime, if you do buy an AMD processor and motherboard, we advise you to keep the boxes the products come in. Doing so will make it easier to return the parts for a refund in the event your system is acting up, and you can’t find a solution.